Top Four Antiviral Flu Medications

Top Four Antiviral Flu Medications


If you think you have symptoms of the flu, then you will need to treat yourself with pills for headache or other medicines. A flu strain originates from the influenza virus that affects the throat, lungs, and nose. To combat these viruses, one will need to take antiviral medicine. Symptoms can be made less severe by the medication, and they can also reduce recovery time by a day or two. There are four main flu antiviral medicine often prescribed by medical practitioners. Any medication that is prescribed must be approved by the Drug and Food regulatory bodies in any region. These medications have been approved for use and include.


Tamiflu Medicine

This is one of the flu medications that can treat and prevent flu. It is recommended to treat flu symptoms in people who are 2 weeks and older. It also helps to prevent the flu in the eventuality of exposure in persons who are 1 year and older. However, it needs to be taken twice every day for 5 days. It can be administered through the liquid or pill form.


Rapivab Flue Medicine

For people who can’t take medication for a few days, this one-off dosage may be an option. Unlike most other drugs, this is administered intravenously once in persons aged 6 months and older who have experienced symptoms for not more than 2 days. It has also been approved for the purpose of preventing flu and is ideal for people who cannot swallow pills or have major health issues. The side effect of this medication is diarrhea.


Oxfluza Medication

For individuals who may not be able to take medication for the 5 days or through and Iv can take this one dose pill. It is approved to prevent and treat the flu in persons aged 12 years and older. Pregnant and breastfeeding persons are not to take this medication as it is not recommended. People who suffer severe medical conditions like cancer are also not advised to take this medication.


Relenza Flu Medicine

Another medication that does not come in pill, liquid, or intravenous form is the Relenza. It comes as a powder that is inhaled through an inhaler. The medication is recommended as a treatment for persons aged 7 years and above, and as a preventive measure for persons aged 5 years and older. It cannot be taken by individuals who have severe breathing issues. It is appropriate for persons who can’t swallow or need another means to take flu medication. It is prescribed to be taken two times a day for 5 days.