Why choose DOCIB?

DOCIB Healthcare is one of UAE’s leading healthcare specialists with over 20 years of experience in the Middle East market. Founded in 2000, DOCIB rapidly expanded its services across all 7 Emirates in the form of pharmacies, clinics and nutrition centers.

That is all well and good but why should you shop with DOCIB? What services do we offer that makes us stand out from the rest of the competition? Read on and we’ll take you through all the inaugural offers and deals we have for you!


Refer more to earn more!

You probably already know about a thousand different referral programs, but how about one where you earn twice what your friend does!? Refer family or friends to shop with us and they receive a AED25 discount coupon while you get AED50 upon their first purchase!


  1. As you log onto docibonline.com you will find a small gift icon on the bottom left end of your screen. Click this to access the Rewards section.
  2. Here you can find all the ways to earn more with DOCIB Online like
    a) Refer a friend.
    b) Salamat points.
  3. Sign in if you already have an account on the DOCIB online platform or sign
    up with us.
  4. After signing up, you will receive a link in the Rewards section which you are free to forward to your friends and family.
  5. Once your friend accesses our portal through this link and makes a purchase of min AED100, he/she will receive a coupon worth AED25 off which can be used on their next purchase and you will receive a coupon worth AED50 off which you can use on your next purchase.
  6. This code cannot be used in-juncture with other existing offers / coupons.


Salamat Online is DOCIB's Online Loyalty Reward Program where you get points for each purchase you make. There are many other ways to earn more points too. In this blog we will go through them all.

  • Sign-Up - You receive 100 Salamat points as you signup with DOCIB Online.
  • Place an Order - You receive 5 Salamat points for every AED1 you spend with DOCIB Online.
  • Celebrate a Birthday - You receive 100 Salamat Points on all your birthdays from here on!
  • Like us on Facebook - You get 50 Salamat Points if you like our page on Facebook - DOCIB Healthcare
  • Follow us on Instagram - You get 50 Salamat Points if you follow our page on Instagram - DOCIB Healthcare

    Write to us on support@docibonline for any further queries about our rewards program!