Betadine Scalp & Skin Cleanser 125ml

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Betadine Scalp And Skin Cleanser contains an active ingredient, povidone iodine 7.5% w/v for treatment and prevention of infections in wounds. It is used for seborrhoeic conditions of skin and scalp, acne vulgaris and other pyogenic skin conditions. This cleanser has a broad microbicidal spectrum and kills Corynebacterium acnes, staphylococcus epidermitis and pityrosporon, three organisms often associated with scalp and skin problems.

Helps prevent spread of infection from scalp and acne lesions, On irritating to skin and mucosa,Helps prevent spread of seborrhoeic dermatitis,Stable dermophil pH,Non staining to skin and natural fabrics

How to use:
Apply on the wet scalp and leave for 1 minute and then clean with mild or medicated shampoo.


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