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The extremely quiet SI 40 steam vaporizer from Beurer impresses with its soothing application. Liquids such as saline solutions and essential oils can be safely vaporized by the Steam Vaporizer and colds don't stand a chance. Relieving Symptoms of allergies, bronchitis, colds, flu, rhinitis and sinusitis. Super Silent. Variable Steam adjustment allows for customized treatments.

Provides effective treatment during the cold season, to treat cold and cough using vaporizations

How to use:
Fill the water heater tank with approx. 25 ml of water Refit the lid and close it tightly by turning it clockwise Now pull out the aroma container/return container. Fill the aroma container with the liquid that you want to atomize (e.g. salt-water solution). Never fill the aroma container above the MAX marking Re-insert the aroma container/return container into the device. Make sure that the suction tube touches the bottom of the aroma container Push the variable steam regulator down to produce smaller steam particles and push it up for larger ones Connect to the power socket and turn ON the device After approx. 2 minutes, the device will start to produce steam


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