Bioderma Photoderm Max100 Light Tint 40ml

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Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF 100 is a tinted photo protection cream that stimulates the skin's self-defence system and provides maximum protection for the face; skin which is sun-intolerant or sensitive skin, very fair skin with freckles, pigmentation problems, skin subject to extreme sunshine (high mountains, tropics, etc.). In addition to its surface UVA/UVB protective activity (filtering systems) it offers real internal biological protection: cellular bio protection.

In addition to it's surface UVA/UVB protective activity (filtering systems), Photoderm MAX offers real internal biological protection: Cellular Bio protection.
This exclusive patent preserves and stimulates the skin's defences (immunity) during sun exposure.

How to use:
Several times a day - When exposed to the sun
Apply evenly and liberally before exposure (a smaller amount of product reduces the level of photoprotection).
Re-apply frequently, before and after swimming, rubbing and playing sports.


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