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Carefree cotton feel panty liners have you covered. Carefree panty liners allow your most delicate skin to breathe, and give you a soft, comfortable feeling every day. Carefree cotton feel panty liners are dermatologically-tested, have a comfortable, soft cover, a stay-in-place fit and secure design. Whilst pads are suited for that time of the month, carefree panty liners are your solution to feeling clean and fresh down there, every other day of the month.

These are breathable and contain cotton extract. Besides daily underwear protection, it gives you a soft, comfortable feeling every day.

How to use:
Start with clean, dry hands.Remove from the wrapper.Place the liner sticky side down to cover the center panel of your underpants.Dispose of the liner by rolling it up in the wrapper from your fresh liner. Always dispose of it in the trash never flush it!Wash your hands.


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