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Fito cream forms a protective barrier against the external environment, thus creating favorable conditions for a fast and correct skin re-epithelialization and contributes to keeping its microenvironment under control; consequently, the product is indicated for the treatment of ulcers, sores, wounds, abrasions, and first and second-degree burns.

Helps to treat ulcers, sores, wounds and abrasions,It helps to treat first and second-degree burns

How to use:
When first using the product, pierce the tube by using the small punch contained in the upper part of the cap,Spread the necessary amount of cream on the area and cover with sterile gauze, possibly imbibed with more cream,If there are no contraindications, in following applications it is possible to previously cleanse the area with sterile water as the cream is totally water dispersible and leaves no residue,Depending on the seriousness, extension and location of the damage,Applications can be reduced to simple messages to let the cream absorbed,After use, close the tube by tightly screwing the cap on it


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