Fitty Dent Adhesive Cream 20g/40g

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Fittydent Adhesive Cream is a waterproof adhesive for a strong, secure and long lasting bond between dentures and gums. It does not dissolve in saliva, water or cold or hot liquids. Its adhesive effect prevents dentures from slipping and sliding. The first denture adhesive which is not only great for uppers, but was specifically designed for lowers.

Helps cushion gums and prevents irritating food particles from becoming trapped under your denture plate,Allows you to enjoy of your favorite foods, speak with ease, and laugh with confidence

How to use:
Wash and dry the dental prosthesis,Apply cream in small strips, not too close to the edges,Rinse the mouth before putting the prosthesis,Put the prosthesis correctly in the mouth, press firmly and bite for some seconds for safety,For removal, make a mouthful of water, slowly remove the prosthesis by moving it back and forth,Remove the product residues from the prosthesis and the mouth with warm water and a soft brush,When used for the first time, apply a small amount by placing more if necessary, excessive adhesive may cause overflow, in this case, apply less next time


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