Flamingo Flamicrepe Bandage 5cm X 4mtr/ 7.5cm X 4mtr/ 10cm 4m/ 15cm 4m

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Size: 15Cm 4M
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The Flamingo Flamicrepe Cotton Crepe Bandage helps the patients in rehabilitation of various suffering due to musculoskeletal disorders. It is meant to provide gentle support and compression to the body part where it has been used by a person. The Flamicrepe bandage helps in reducing the pain and maintaining the stability in sprains and strains. The skin coloured crepe bandage is made of high quality cotton material

Made from Latex Free Materials,Soft and strong,Easy on and off,Firm support and compression

How to use:
Overlap each layer as you begin wrapping,Avoid wrapping too tight,Secure clips to hold in place


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