Fuel Up 5lb 2.2kg Pro Whey Protein Powder Chocolate/Gourmet Vanilla/Strawberry Milkshake

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Pro Whey powder is an essential part of your nutrition regime. It promotes muscle growth, helps maintain lean mass and prevent muscle breakdown. Pro Whey is over 80% protein, low in fat, loaded with flavour and a rich source of branched chain amino acids , these BCAAs are essential to ignite muscle growth and repair, without them you can forget your gains. Our Pro Whey is easy to digest, sourced from free range, grass fed cows and is hormone free. Protein delivers essential aminos needed to support new muscle growth, maintain your rock-solid gains and stimulate your recovery post-workout. Pro Whey is formulated with three distinct high-quality protein sources to give you the highest concentration of anabolic aminos for your muscles. Pro Whey delivers a unique combination of three distinct proteins with a high proportion of aminos to muscles when you need them most. This means your muscles have what they need for growth, recovery and maintenance.


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