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Globifer Forte Tablets are iron supplements for situations when the usual diet cannot offer satisfactory iron content. Packed as 40 blistered tablets, each tablet provides iron 18 mg (fortified heme iron). Women, especially those who menstruate, suffer from low blood counts, women planning pregnancy or who are pregnant, elderly with low and poor diet, and growing children and youth may have an empty or low bodily iron depots which can lead to performance deterioration and tiredness. With the World Health Organization considering iron deficiency as the number one nutritional disorder in the world, Globifer Forte attains more significance.

Globifer Forte being a heme fortified iron assures a greater bioavailablity,Significantly reduced side effects compared to conventional iron supplements

How to use:
1 to 2 tablets daily,Food supplement, should not be used as an alternative to a balanced diet


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