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Goodsphere is the original Aromatherapeutic total pure air system. Its unique air cleaning process harnesses the inherent purification properties of water and the natural anti-bacterial qualities of essential oils to literally wash the air clean. Characterized by effectiveness and simplicity of use as well as efficient low operating & maintenance costs, Goodsphere is the first Aromatherapeutic total pure air system to make air cleansing accessible to the modern household and office. Breathing clean air makes people feel better, more active and more alive, and for sufferers of allergies and asthma, it can make dramatic difference to their quality of life. Air purification, humidification and ionizing are all part of creating a clean breathing environment and The Goodsphere System combines all these important functions and benefits as well as being an aromatherapy vessel which neutralises unpleasant odours like smoke and cooking smells without the use of chemicals which are used in more domestic air fresheners.

Goodsphere Original Aromatherapeutic Pure Air System uses a unique air cleaning process that harnesses the cleaning properties of water, combined with the natural anti-bacterial capabilities of essential oils to give you air that is clean and pure,Works as a humidifier by replacing moisture in the air,Cleans the air practically everywhere in your house - bedrooms to help promote a good night's sleep, the living room to counteract tobacco smell, the kitchen to neutralize cooking smells and more,Safe to use in kids' and children's rooms.

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