Gynofit Moisturizing Vaginal Gel 6 Per Pack

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Gynofit Moisturising Gel helps relieve vaginal dryness resulting from hormonal changes during pregnancy and following delivery, cancer therapy, menopause, etc. This aqueous preparation forms a thin moisturising film on the vaginal mucous membrane. It makes you feel better by alleviating symptoms like burning and/ or itching. Also reduces discomfort during sexual intercourse and hinders genital irritation.

Temporary relief of vaginal dryness and related symptoms, especially if the mucous membrane is thin, sensitive, and irritation prone,Reduces discomfort during sexual intercourse and hinders genital irritation

How to use:
Shake contents of applicator towards its cap,Twist and break off the cap,Insert applicator into the vagina,Squeeze out all the gel into the vagina


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