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The Hansaplast Corn Plaster softens corns thanks to its active ingredient salicylic acid. Located in the center of the foam ring, this ingredient acts by loosening the structure holding the cells of the corn. The calloused skin and the intercellular substance holding its layers together are loosened, which leads to increased hydration and the softening of the area. One plaster contains 0.04 g salicylic acid.

Corn can then also be easily peeled off.
Available in easy-to-apply strips, these plasters offer coverage and relief for even those hard-to-cover parts of the foot
Provides long-term protection

How to Use:
Warning: Not suitable for diabetics or people with circulatory problems.
Thoroughly clean and dry the affected area. Apply the plaster by placing the center of the foam ring directly on the corn.
Replace the plaster after 2 days. After 4 days, remove the now softened corn in a warm salt or soap bath. Repeat if necessary.



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