Hedrin Once Spray Gel 60ml

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Hedrin Once Spray Gel is a liquid gel in an easy spray format. The easy to use trigger helps direct the liquid gel onto the head and hair even in those hard to get areas. Hedrin Once Spray Gel is highly effective against head lice and eggs. In some cases, head lice have become resistant to many existing treatments which may result in infestations within schools and communities taking longer to eradicate. However, because Hedrin works in a purely physical way, resistance is not a factor and efficacy not diminished.

Skin friendly, no nasty pesticides,Easy to apply, gets to those difficult areas,Clinically proven to kill head lice and eggs in 15 minutes

How to use:
Always read the full instruction leaflet before you start,Shake up before every use,Spray straight onto dry hair,Work in with a comb or fingers, cover from root to tip,Leave for 15 min,Shampoo out, apply the shampoo first, before wetting hair.


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