Maxon Pure Derm Facial Wash 150ml

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Eliminate acne completely with facial cleansing foam that penetrates the skin layers, cleanses pores, eliminates acne, blackheads and spots, and prevents future appearance. Thanks to its innovative formula specially formulated for skincare, this lotion removes excess oils gently and effectively and helps to reduce shine without causing dryness or roughness. In short, Pure Derm Face Wash gives you a comfortable feeling, a fresh and healthy look.

Purifies and revitalize the oily and acne-prone skin,Smoothen the skin,Improves the texture and uniformity of the complexion

How to use:
Gently massage the gel on the skin to create a lather,In case of very oily skin, leave it for 1-2 minute,Rinse thoroughly and gently dry the face,Use twice daily or as directed


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