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A triangular bandage sling dressing applications include use in arm slings, tourniquets, compression bandages, and various dressing coverings. Us as a Soft Splint (such as figure-eight application on a wrist or binding a head wound) as an Anatomical Splint (Binding one body part to another) a Sling (hence the name).
Considered one of the most versatile bandages, a triangular bandage is usually made out of muslin cloth.

Disposable and non-sterile,For single use
Triangular bandages are used for maintaining compressions or poultices on a head wound. They may be used for keeping body parts, such as shoulders, stationary during the healing process as well. Chest wound dressings may be kept in place with triangular bandages, too. Splinting broken bones, holding gauze in place, and stopping or preventing bleeding are other uses. Because of all of these uses and potentially more, a triangular bandage is considered a staple in most first aid kits.

How to use:
Use when required,


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