Muscle Med Carnivor Mass 6lbs Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry

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Carnivor Mass is called by some 'an anabolic superfood' and is more advanced than the typical mass gainer. Where regular foods and typical gainers may be limited in terms of speed of absorption and the potential for insulin spiking, Carnivor Mass excels. It combines a unique best-of-breed hydrolyzed beef protein isolate (BPI) with a dual-action insulin signal amplifying technology known as iSpike. BPI and iSpike act in tandem to support improved muscle anabolism while minimizing fat storage. Carnivor Mass is a fast, clean and highly anabolic gainer. Welcome to a new era in mass building supplementation with Carnivor Mass, the fast, clean, highly anabolic mass gainer! With its Beef Protein Isolate and iSpike Technology, Carnivor Mass allows the advanced bodybuilder to benefit from high-speed macronutrient delivery and improved insulin management in one convenient product.

High-Speed Mass,Faster Protein,Faster Carbs

How to use:
1 scoop to be mixed with 8 Oz of water and consume.


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