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Nexcare reusable cold/hot pack for first aid pain relief. Use it cold from the freezer for pain, swelling, bruises or sprains. Use it warm from the microwave to soothe muscle aches and stiffness. Nexcare reusable cold/hot packs come with a protective cover for greater comfort and an attached elastic band to help hold the pack securely in place.

Natural therapeutic power of cold and heat. Compresses can be used cold or hot and is an solution for those who prefer natural, drug-free therapy.

How to use:
Clean and dry the wound and surrounding skin.Unwrap the plaster and hold it by the protective strips over the backing with the pad side facing down.Peel back the strips, remove the adhesive seal around the non-stick pad.Place the pad on the wound, pull away the strips , and press the edges of the plaster down
Please read the instructions carefully before use.


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