Nivea Men Barber Pro Range Shaving Gel 200Ml

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NIVEA MEN Barber Pro Range Shaving Gel is a product designed for all beard wearers who want to take care of their facial hair on a daily basis, without frequent visits at the barbershop.

Thanks to its alcohol-free formula with chamomile, NIVEA MEN Barber Pro Range Shaving Gel instantly protects your skin from 5 signs of shaving irritation: burning, redness, dryness, tightness and micro-cuts.

Its main ingredient: chamomile is proved to have a beneficial effect in the treatment of inflamed and irritated skin, which makes it suitable for sensitive skin. Perfect product for bearded males looking for professional grooming facial hair care.

NIVEA MEN Barber Pro Range. Professional grooming range for any look you choose.

A happy man is a good man. If men feel good in their skin, they have the confidence to achieve more. We at NIVEA have worked hard to perfect the art of men’s grooming by elaborating a line of quality skin care products for men. NIVEA MEN gives you a daily boost of confidence to unlock your everyday potential while guaranteeing uncompromising quality and performance.

  • NEW FORMULA: Alcohol-free stubble softening formula with chamomile
  • SKIN PROTECTION from 5 signs of shaving irritation
  • Close and SMOOTH RAZOR GLIDE without having to repeat it
  • Helps with inflamed and irritated skin
  • For professional grooming and care of facial hair
  • Suitable for SENSITIVE SKIN



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