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The Maxtaping system is used in many areas such as rehabilitation, healthcare and sports. It helps relieve pain, relieve inflammation, and support weakened muscle tissues to help improve their performance. The advantage of the Maxtaping system is its ease of use and low price compared to traditional sports tape. It is characterized by greater flexibility and does not restrict the movement of soft tissues.

Maxtaping is made of 100% cotton without the addition of latex or any drugs. The thickness and weight of Maxtaping feels like a second skin, which greatly increases the feeling of comfort while wearing. The heat-activated acrylic adhesive creates a wavy, perforated and well-ventilated surface. Maxtaping is waterproof and can be used during exercise. Typically, Maxtaping can stay on the skin for 2-3 days after applying it. Even when wet, the tape will not detach from the skin or lose any of its functions. Maxtaping is very flexible and can stretch up to 140% of its natural length, so it doesn't restrict the movement of soft tissues in any way.

Thanks to its unique formula, correctly applied Maxtaping system firms the skin, improves blood circulation, improves metabolism and soothes swelling. It also improves prioprioception. While exercising, Maxtaping supports and stretches soft tissues to speed up the healing process, prevent wounds, and improve overall body performance.

Maxtaping is simple to use, durable and suitable for everyone. It has a number of uses: it helps maintain the proper alignment of joints, supports weakened muscles, relieves pain, reduces swelling and inflammation, increases the range of motion and prevents injuries. It can be used on any part of the body.

MAXTAPING can be used in the following ways:
• pain relief;
• reducing swelling and inflammation;
• eliminating excessive muscle tension and the fascia syndrome;
• preventing overstretching and fatigue of weakened muscles;
• reducing muscle stiffness and spasms;
• improvement of the range of mobility;
• muscle rehabilitation and proprioception;
• improving posture and restoring muscle balance;
• maintaining the proper structure of tissues;
• injury prevention;
• improvement of kinetic possibilities.



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