Oppo Spinal Brace M/L/Xl

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  • Two metal stays in back provide extra support to the spine.
  • Four pliable stays provide extra support and stability to the lumbar area.
  • Padded shoulder straps adjust and secure in front for easy application.
  • Crisscrossing abdominal straps require minimal strength to fasten and provide exceptional support.
  • Supports the lumbar and thoracic spine.
  • Apply brace to the back and place the shoulder straps over the shoulder.
  • Be sure the two longer stays are positioned on each side of spine and secure the waist straps comfortably around the waist.
  • Pull the two side straps to adjust tightness then fasten.
  • Pull the two shoulder straps under armpits to the back and cross each other. Then bring to the front and fasten securely.
  • Mild scoliosis
  • Poor posture



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