Oppo Wrist Splint W/ Elastic Strap 2288 Med

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Product Feature:

  • Semi-rigid thumb spica portion is contoured to provide support, immobilization and thumb abduction.
  • Provides wrist stability with moderate motion restriction.
  • An elastic wrist strap gives greater wrist stability.
  • Aluminum stay can easily be reversed to fit right or left hand.
  • Fiber contents: 75% Cotton, 25% Nylon

How To Wear:

  • Position the contoured stay on the palm side of hand.
  • The top strap goes between the thumb and forefinger and attaches at the back of hand.
  • Secure each hook and loop straps to desired compression.
  • Wrap and secure the reinforced strap to desired compression.


  • Carpal tunnel syndromeColle's fracture
  • Post surgical use



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