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The kids who do not like their bath time so much have a reason to start jumping into bath water more often now. Make bath time a fun experience for your bundle of joy by playing roles and enacting stories in the bath. Instill the good habit of scrubbing dirt and impurities off the skin with a sponge by using this Pigeon Natural Sponge as part of the many stories. Every kid has a beautiful imagination and pleasing a child is not difficult at all, concentrate on the small moments of life like a soothing bath experience and ensure every action is made fun so your child loves to have a bath.

Crafted with a velvety texture, the natural sponge will easily exfoliate your baby's tender skin. Don't hick lather so you can use very little of the liquid soap or gel but still cleanse your baby's body effectively. The no mess design of this sponge helps you use it and squeeze out excess water easily. Extremely soft and gentle for baby's sensitive skin, the brush will ensure that cell rejuvenation is kept active and skin is still soothed after every bath. Ideal for boys and girls, you can change roles for both your children respectively.

Natural origin, Safe to environment

How to use:
Use like regular body scrub, massage gently.


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