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There is no doubt that the mother's breastfeeding is beneficial for the baby. However, it is sometimes impossible for the mothers to breastfeed their babies and they have to rely on feeding bottles. It gets difficult because babies are used to breastfeeding and they get irritated by this change and sometimes they even refuse to feed through a bottle.

Pigeon baby feeding bottles and feeding nipples are the perfect solutions to all the problems babies face while transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding.


  • Stretchy & Elastic - Its teat section is elastic and it stretches in response to the peristaltic motion of the baby's tongue making it comfortable for the baby to feed.
  • Made of Pure Silicon - This baby feeding nipple is of pure silicon and it is ultra-soft yet it doesn't break or collapse because of its increased elasticity.
  • Resembling the Mother's Nipple - It resembles the mother's breast and it is perfectly shaped in a way that makes the baby's mouth open in a natural way.
  • Lets the Baby Get Used to The Change - This nipple helps the baby get used to bottle feeding because the baby doesn't notice any drastic change.



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