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Revive your skin with QV Bath Oil, a non greasy, water dispersible oil. Proper skin hydration is essential for helping relieve many skin conditions caused by dry skin. It works by applying a thin film on the skin to help lock in moisture, suitable for daily use. QV Bath Oil's whole-body replenishment helps restores your skin's natural suppleness and healthy glow. It is designed for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Clear, non-greasy formula rejuvenates large areas of dry or sensitive skin,Suitable for use with scaly skin, winter itch, dermatitis, atopic eczema and psoriasis,Suitable for sensitive skin types.

How to use:
One capful measures 5mL. Bath: Add 10mL to adult's bath or 5mL to baby's bath. Bathe for 5 to 10 minutes. Pat skin dry. Shower: Rub gently onto wet skin, leave for a few minutes, briefly rinse and pat skin dry.


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