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100% soap and alkali-free for the cleansing of the delicate skin of babies and children from birth to adolescence. Baby Bubble Bath with its pH value of 5.5 helps support the development of the skin's acid mantle and the moisture balance in the skin.

The extra mild tenside complex cleanses gently without drying the baby's tender skin. Herbal extracts from the medicinal plant's fennel, yarrow melissa, mistletoe soothe, and protect the skin against irritation. Camomile extract with its regenerative properties soothes the baby's delicate skin and counteracts inflammation.

Free of colorants, nitro-mochus compounds, formaldehyde, nitrosamines, and dioxan. Dermatologically/clinically tested. Also recommended for extremely sensitive or dry skin e.g. atopic eczema, senile xerosis, or psoriasis.

Make bath time fun and playful without any tears with the Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath. The soap free formulation with the pH value of 5. 5 supports the development of the baby?s acid mantle and the moisture balance in the skin. It has soft controlled foaming and gently cleans the skin.

How to Apply:
Please see the instructions in the bottle.


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