Top-Notch Gloves Vinyl P/Free Clear Small

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These are the gloves you want! Whatever field you work in, utmost safety should be priority. It's vital to keeping your hands safe from pain, cuts and germs. These will be keeping your hands in the best care with the heavy duty vinyl gloves that are designed to provide premium protection and incredible comfort while you get through your day.

Reducing the risk of pathogens and tainted ingradients,Well recommended for sanitization and janitorial procedures, gives ultimate protection from outside factors to the skin

How to use:
Make sure hands are clean and dry before putting any codeswitch one hand hold the wrist end of the glove open, insert the fingers in to the open wrist end of the gloves, Use your hand to pull the wrist end of the glove on to the other hand while easing the hand in to the glove and spreading the fingers out in to the correct positions, Repeat the same procedure with other hand


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