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1.EVEN OUT(Green):Place buffer along nail edge at an angle and using gentle strokes in one direction only,file the nail into the preferred shape.Smooth and even out edges of the nail.2.SMOOTH NAIL(Blue):Use easy strokes across the nail in on direction only,to smooth deeper ridges and remove stanis.Very deep ridges may require more than one buffing treatment.Repeat every 2-3 weeks.3.BUFF NAIL (Purple):Buff nail surdace to eliminate fine ridges and stains.Use easy strokes across the nail in one direction only,for a smooth matte finish before final shinin.Repeat every 1-2 weeks.4.SHINE NAIL (Magenta):Apply light pressure while stroking across the nail to bring out an amazing natural shine.The more often you repeat this step the shinier your nails will look.

Providing salone quality perfection for the nails.

How to use:
Exteranally used for the perfection of nail shaping,


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